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"Toynbee Suite"

Movement 1 - Toynbee Idea

[Verse 1: Lushlife]
I started walking with the birds
Wishing we’d never die
Never be lost and gone
If we levitate
Or we reach the sky
All a lie
All my life
I always wondered why
If the promises of the gods
Is just flaws of the human mind
Human lives depreciated
Molecules is vibrating
‘Til they alleviated
The face of everything
Everywhere is forever changing
So why, bottom-line
Technology won’t be the spaceship
That’s on some outer-space shit
Right now
If heaven don’t exist
Then it don’t mean it won’t
It’s just the next ledge of evolution
That we could hope
They build the data
Build a ladder
Then we rise up
Sing it, black
Spin it back
A puzzle ‘til they wise up
But they won’t listen
I’m spitting
Rapping tradition
The vision of every human in history
Wizen, living
It’s gold dust
But, Larry King
Hellion gold rush
That’s when I begged and I tried
And they had me
Choked up

[Hook: Lushlife]
Murder every journalist
They won’t hear a word of it
Tell ‘em what I could see
In the asphalt
They heard of it
Why David Mamet
Don’t lie
You deserving it
Spitting truth in the
Cracks of the asphalt
They heard of it

Movement 2 - In Movie ‘2001

Dave, Stop, Stop, Dave, Stop, Dave, Stop, Get up

[Verse 1: Yikes the Zero]
Set trips in visual clips
Several fits to launch scripts
This monolith in blur
Tap matter format shattered
The attic swells all parallel data lost
This black orbit is flushed
Dust settle on plan Z your planet is stumped
In a trance to cause puppets to run amuck
Controlling terror in an era that's pushed back
Steps through the mirror while reality cracks
Hate to pretend
Surrender time and again
The possibilities insist, it's never an end
Dream seems to be shattered from jump
Your looking at me
I'm looking at you
Do we need to agree?
Memory banks flooded gut human condition
All premonition is lost here but nobody listens

[Verse 2: Lushlife]
If you watch
Then the words just come alive
And the dream
Feel real in a lullaby
Why I’m spending my life
Telling them otherwise
If she dies
Then I’m live on the other side
So I drive all night
Just to tell ‘em
Maybe if they see it
Then the world won’t dead ‘em
Ghosts in they heads
And they just won’t listen
So I’m back on the block
In the ‘Lac
With a mission
I’m a spit a shortwave transmission
Interrupting the Hellions
On the television
Floss when they living
Lost in the myriad lies of politicians
Lost in the prism
All I really want
Is birds in the junipers
If the world don’t stop
From the Lucifers
I’ll be happy that they
Live in the universe
Eternally yours
Waiting here for Jupiter

Movement 3 - Resurrect Dead

[Verse 1: Lushlife]
Plus, back home
I never answer the phone
I’m all alone
South Philly Hellion Thugs
Like a Terrordome
Never known
Sleep with the birds
‘Til they send me home
Nighttimes, I’m dead and gone
With all the lights out
The birds is chirping
I’m steady working my life out
That’s that accordion
Humming before the night’s out
‘Cause when they send ‘em
To get me
They read my rights out, black
Then it’s lights out
Secure the blast door
Or flee the country
With money
And just a passport
The Grinning Man
Is just spinning inside the Task Force
So, I don’t want to be
Asking him what the mask for
That’s what the last bol
This ain’t Bradbury
This ain’t Roddenberry
It’s just a matter of fact
This isn’t monetary
The monastery is a Hellion Cult
That’s out to get me
Out to wet me
With a million volts, and uh…

[Chorus (RJD2 Scratch of Lushlife Vocal)]
All anyone ever told me is, “Yo, it’s copasetic”

[Verse 2: Lushlife]
Santiago, Chile
To New York City
Or Back to Philly, I’m
Working on a scheme
A dream for the millions
Phenomenon that I seen
About the Hellions
Scream Phoenix
And they just tell me I’m
All lost in cinema
Instead of writing my senators
I’m inventing a new way
Of telling them
How they ended up
Lost in the newspapers
Too late for sending up
I don’t want to be
Hit by the union goons
They setting up

[Chorus (RJD2 Scratch of Lushlife Vocal)]
All anyone ever told me is, “Yo, it’s copasetic”

Movement 4 - On Planet Jupiter

[Verse 1: Lushlife]
Back to life again
Back up on the corner spot
Either on the block
Back on the mic again
Ghost in your soul
Still just a likening
Still feel the world in my face
And it’s still frightening
Lush Vida supreme
Where Jupiter was still a dream
In a gas giant
Last of the Ibrahims
Last of the Philistines
Everybody still alive
Ghost in the kerosene
Celebrate the Eloheim
Whatever you wanted
I gave it to you readily
My head is full of ghosts
Science is ahead of me
Melody in the atoms
Vibrating and they telling me
It’s still possible but I’m tired
The drive dead in me
Resurrect the legacy
And I’m a be there
My sister gon’ be there
My mother gon’ be there
The birds gonna be there
The birds gonna be there
The birds gonna be there

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