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"Shoot My Self"


One more blunt to roast before I fade to black
I'm lost in this dutch smoke I'm just hoping I make it back
My backs breaking from carrying sacred facts
I see my fate, I can't even escape these blatant raps
I'm insane kid, they stuck me in this crazy life
I'm tryna change shit without the Huggies and the baby wipes
My eyes focused, smoke chronic in high doses
Cuz I noticed it counteracts my psychosis
And how did I get to be so mentally deranged
If your friends are mean then essentially you're the same
I don't need a remedy, got a propensity for pain
Used to swear by the memory but eventually it changed
Potentially insane from all the anguish and torment
Outside of Heaven's gate left to languish on the doorstep
Walk of death, short of breath, my soul is numb
Don't be surprised when you find a note and a smoking gun

[Coal Cash]

That's one more second gone, another season behind me
So lonely yesterday, one day you may not find me
Remind me why we try, can't recollect the reason
Needing this freezing rain, numb the pain of my veins bleeding
Fleeting before my eyes, sunrise til skies darken
Harking the reaper's call til my skull's an empty compartment
Pardon my brain's ??, stain the walls of my apartment
Sharpen the guillotine, pillows never cease to ??
Past the harshest darkness that flow from my carcass
The death march approaching, toast a Gnostic on a star ship
My heart is arctic, I'm too lethargic to guard it
Regarded it's hard to do and I'm the one who drew the target
Bombarded I'm running through, nothing new to the pain I feel
If it's in my brain the explain why the chains are real
Aiming to heal, peel back the vested wound
Death or rest, a vestige manifested from a flesh cocoon

[Hook - Coal]
This pain runs deep, all I wanna do is sleep
Just to wake from my bed so I can hear the dead speak
Welcome back to this hell that you create
Welcome back to the hell you can't escape


I'm numb from the pain with a gun in my brain
Pulling the trigger, bullets switch the sun into rain
I've come to explain, nothing's the same
Waiting for something to change but I'm stuck in a cage
Cuffed by they chains on my way to waste a hunnit days
Blunted from the haze, some live through the maze
Play touch by haters, the hell that love create
Just to escape, busting how my slug can I take
Fuck it, popping and breaking a discussion with fate
Anger make me wanna shoot someone up in they face
After drags of marijuana I'm too fucking blazed
Scratching Bad Karma give me a disgusting taste
The under shaved inter drones mechanized sheep
Energized deep poetry memorized in a week
When you see my brain laid out found effortless peace
I can hear the dead speak whenever I sleep


It's better I reach and try to get a grip on this reality
But every time I leave it only leads me to insanity
A casualty, the savagery of action that I once used
Reminds of the mind fucking stunts that these cunts do
Can I get a one two, one two check it
I'm designed to treat the lives that I run through wrecking
Like they ain't have a chance, I glance over from today's news
And notice that society is blinded by these lame fools
If I was the same dude then I ain't have a plan yet
And wasn't washing down a bunch of booze with all this Xanax
I would be a damn mess sweating over mad stress
You should give me credit for my word like an Amex
That I don't deserve, I'm the worst type of piece of shit
Like I changed to an animal from a decent kid
I was always fucked, ask my mother she can tell ya
Don't even bother with your stories I could never help ya


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