Best Kept Secret
This is a RJ-D2, Justus League production
Brought to you by Phonte, DJ Flash, Rapper Big Pooh and

Sick fluin' you, breakin' n***as
Electric Boogalo, wire me, fire me, admire me
They hire me to do jobs, professional run through squads
I split em' come, come, drop the sewer
Should I hit em' up on some 'Pac Shakur shit?
On top of the globe, givin' the world violence, wants control
This the girl, she should've been on the album
Fuck it, I'm invincible, keepin' my bitches bendable
Like contortionist, wild life, the source of this
No wife, I won't forfeit this, revenge on some pork and shit
Oink muh'fucker, ever line on point muh' fucker
Eat your lame lines, say somethin', give me dinner
We move at the same time like we synchronized swimmers
Back strokin' and shit, got n***as showboatin' this bitch
Twelve oceans with this, stay afloat with my click
Got titles/tidals, see the waves? Goin' all to em' DGA

[Hook: scratches]
I'm the next best to reach em'
Formerly known as the best kept secret
I'm the next best to reach em'
Formerly, formerly known (Justus League!!)
I'm the next best to reach em'
Formerly known as the best kept secret
Formerly, formerly known
Formerly known as the best kept secret
I'm from a place where them boys been at
Where the Eastside and Southside n***as went at
With the low lifes and heroin addicts; On my block
You should at least look hard, and I don't mean squint at
Or you might get tossed around; The Springsteen
Of the League, and I'mma show you how a boss get down
So homeboy remind yourself, rewind yourself
Or you could find yourself in the lost & found
Tay' aimin' where it hurts, and you can feel the pain
And anguish in the verse; and I pray this game don't
Change me for the worse, Cause it's all permanent
RJ on the beat, so ya'll call it alternative
I don't give a fuck, just as long as ya'll burnin' it
N***a, I got next, motherfuck whoever turn it is
And when I'm on stage, live is how I hit em up
J. League's the second comin', ya'll still tryna get it up


[Rapper Big Pooh]
Who's the best that did it, the best to live it
Every line I hand paint a picture so vivid
It's the Mr. Crazy, nicest, maybe
We tryna get a leg up and then ash a lady
Eighty's baby, maybe you could get a chance
Take a minute to break, naw cuz he's back on
Nametag, swing, with my name in them
Other n***as counterfit, ain't the same as him
Shame on them, I'm a bring the pain to them
I'm a make em never imitate the champion
They can't beat him, of course not, my thoughts rock
While I roll with the best crew, you group rocks
At the bottom of the bottom, I'm on top of the top
Black, green, I'm on every block
I done had it up to here, and this shit gon' stop
No wack n***a's gonna make a move on my spot