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You in the doghouse?
Umm, ba-da-ba-dum, bum, ba-boom-ba-boom boooom
Mm, mm, mm, ah-um...

Envision my determination like, the anger of a woman scorned
Nine months deep with a seed about to be born
And an alliance to the most hot act can never be torn
Through these life-like lines my legacy lives on

With every line written and spit I feel power
The constructive palace of solitude in a land of ivory towers
Art of search for solitude when every inch is occupied
Claim truth in music where the eyes are known to lie

[Manifest a.k.a. P-Dunbar]
Yo, I was born to die but for some reason I keep breathin
Every time I write (write) my thoughts (thoughts) deepen
I dredge the edge of longevity keep keepin
Seekin truth beyond proof of man speakin

Leavin no stone unturned, my eyes burn for higher learnin
Pushin my pen to deconstruct life like a surgeon
Determination, it takes great patience to operate
Inside closed minds with limited time

[Hook 4X: scratched samples of Inspectah Deck from "C.R.E.A.M."]
"Stay awake to the ways of the world"
"But as the world turns" - "Survival got me buggin"

Everyone's the same, nobody's different
One down, two replace him, no one's left to miss him
Rap eas' and I learn with a low learning curve
New raps born while rearrangin the same words

[Manifest a.k.a. P-Dunbar]
Rearrangin the same verbs (verbs) nouns (nouns) phrases (phrases)
The torch carried on, same gang, different faces
Different places, but it's still all adjacent
Underground is underground, but basement's the basement

Some, claim original every time they speak
Then rhyme with the next man's style, stuck in they teeth
Bite more than you can chew you might choke on it
I'll make it so you don't want it, you DON'T want it

Y'all plans failed fully cause you failed a fully plan
Self-made pedestal crumbled cause it was a sham
Quickly dropping from the top but you never land
Took Erica{?} to no one notice you're no longer the man


[Manifest a.k.a. P-Dunbar]
So I left (left) right (right) through rain, sleet and snow
No matter where, baggage of the world on my soul
Holdin my own on, all that I know (know)
I'm determined to keep movin, got places to go

With each step I walk I jog a thousand style-biters
Two thousand feet follow the star that shines brightest
Strong foundation, microphone science
Determination of divided nation now united

I dares that light to pierce the deepest darkness
Bull's-eye aim straight through, never lose target
Never settle to keep from provin all my best
Smooth mentality to wear but still not afriad to lose

[Manifest a.k.a. P-Dunbar]
Not afraid to choose, or make decisions
Braveheart, make all clear with precision
Determinist speak, ought{?} through wisdom
Persistance helps us complete all missions


"Buggin, buggin, buggin..." {*echoes*}

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