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"Glory And Pain"

[Verse 1]
Take it all away take the glory and the pain
You can't have one without the other, so don't blame what can't be changed
I ain't playing I'm slaying, heavy metal go insane
Better wax the rail or wax the jacket ‘cause I'm bringing the rain
Get off me you can't stop me, here's your chance to call for help
You could never do the damage I've inflicted on myself
Injuries, operations, substances and PlayStation
Xbox, stress spots, mental blocks and broken clocks
Ain't got the time just gotta rhyme, open mind styles refined
I own the beat so push repeat, bounce your head and stomp your feet
Generic reaction, but it's all you know to do
Throw your arms up in the air and scream this is a tune
You can respond the same way on any track with my name
It's HJJ incase you forgot man I'll say it again
Hell jumping jabberwocky, Heathen Jedi jobbery
It’s Henry Jackson Janes and some things will never change

[Verse 2]
I’m here to steal the scene live my dream, be the change I want to see
Inform, educate, entertain and celebrate
Show respect always create, spread the love destroy the hate
Born to do it flow so fluent, never lie yeah I'm the truest
Bold as brass, first class, I do the words you do the math
I finish first you finish last, you stand still I roll past
I got more ideas than you’ve got thoughts
I get away with murder man you always get caught
I'll never trust you something’s cannot be bought
I'll never give up ‘cause I was never taught
I tell the truth your lying, I'm alive your dying
Your walking I'm flying, I'm laughing you’re crying
Anti bacterial controversial demon
Electric foot soldier grandmaster heathen
Irritable jawbone kinda lonesome
Magic Nonsensical oracular potion
Questions rhythm static terrified
Ultra venomous words Xavier yearns zombiefied
ABCs 123s timetables not for me
Too easy, steezy white non-ghetto Weezy
I stole your speaker’s stole your money, anything you want from me?
‘Cause I just want to be me and that's the way it’s always been
I've grew into the man I saw as a child when I dreamed
So try to take that away from me
There are something’s you will never see
Can't even give it a try, look at world through my eyes
But you can open your ears and open your mind
And try your best to picture what I think when I rhyme
It's finally time, if it lives it dies
But not on my watch North east I got you alright
We’re good were back, not hood just rats
Who are trained to attack when provoked we react
To the death if it will, fuck the sword and the shield
We’ll shout till you’re ears fall off then go in for the kill
Have no mercy, your cause is worthy
Protect what you love and never give up

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