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Gavin James


[Verse 1]
Wakin' up late back in our youth
A picture in my pocket of a rose tattoo
Stood in the cold 'til our lips turned blue
Every little thought that I thought was you
Do you ever think about way back when?
Never gettin' worried about where we've been
All of our nights spent livin' in sin
When every little heartstring played pretend

Oh, I didn't mean to let you go
Move too fast, when we're fallin' slow
I didn't mean to let you go

How many times do you have to lose
How many times 'til it gets to you
I close my eyes all I see is you
How many times can a heart get bruised

It's an empty room, just empty space that I never use
How many faces will I lie next to
How many times 'til I get to you

[Verse 2]
If we could begin and press restart
Drinkin' it straight in a burnt-out car
Wonderin' if there's life on Mars
Now I'm only wonderin' where you are
Feels like runnin' down a one-way street
Where all those faces meant nothin' to me
All the stars that were left unseen
Now you're somewhere else not next to me
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