Emilie Nicolas

[Verse 1]
He's taller than I remember from my Google search
I found out what you were
Won't you tell me 'bout yourself now
Tell me 'bout your life now
Tell me something you never told a living soul
Until you met me

[Verse 2]
I forgot to introduce myself to you
Would you like to know my name though
You should write it down though, down though, oh
I gotta look out for someone like you
Cause you put grills in my head
And I've already left the present

Future so bright I have to look out
Over my shoulder
Future so bright I have to look out
And drive slower with my bike
Future so bright I have to look out
Over my shoulder, over my shoulder, over my shoulder

[Verse 3]
The city too small to be walking alone
Hey, give me your phone, I'll write down my number
Don't feel pressured to call
I know men like you don't fall for someone like me
But I got this idea, if you take time to know me, show me

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