Feel Fine lyrics

Emilie Nicolas

[Verse 1]
I won't look at you the same way again, ah
Some of my joy and then my pain
The need to f**k and take all my clothes off
To harden my soul, soft
We shivered, we laughed, you held me down
Then you vanished in front of my eyes
This was all in paradise

[Verse 2]
I'm such a loser, can't keep anything, ah
I do whatever for my lover
But he slips through my tired hands, oh
I see it's clear we're over
You only get one chance

I wanna feel fine, wooh
The right walls to come down
But they won't fall on its own, ah
The right won't

[Verse 2]
Alone again with demons, and pain whiling
Guess that's why you left my island
It's too rough out here, the island's drowning
So I grabbed to whatever was breathing out of the water
You drown first, this is cursed
You only get one chance
(You only get one chance)

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