Hayden James

"Just Friends"

[Verse 1]
When it's late at night
Do you recall that night?
'Cause I think about it sometimes
I'm just lying, it's all the time, babe

I found out the way to your heart
Then found myself completely lost
Whatever, it doesn't matter, we fine
I don't need to label how we good time
And we don't need to tell nobody, we ride
'Cause f**k it, we're young, it's just fun

It started off just a touch
Innocent like friends, like friends
Yeah, wake up here tired, horizontal
Are we just friends, just friends?
Maybe one drink, nothing too far gone (Too far)
Is it the stars saying fall in love? No
We don't say much as we lay here
Are we just friends, just friends?

[Verse 2]
When you say my name
So casual touch, my hand
I stop and play it cool like I'm not into you
But I'm just lying, you drive me wild and insane
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