Aileen lyrics


[Verse 1]
This songs about some poor white trash
Who swallowed trucker loads for cash
Even though she was a big lesbian
Her brother put it in her mouth
That's how folks show love in the south
Maybe it’s just me but thats obscene

[Verse 2]
Walking bear foot down the road
With unbrushed hair and sl*tty clothes
Cars would slow and ask "How much Aileen?"
She hated men just like I do
But she had the balls to follow through
And became a serial killer named

Aileen, Aileen, Aileen, Aileen
Letting fellas stick it any place
Aileen, Aileen, Aileen, Aileen
They'd shoot their load she'd shoot them in the face (face)

[Verse 3]
Potato chips and butt hole drips
The movies got so many clips
That made you look so ugly and unclean
Christina Ricci, real toned down
And Charlie’s packed on forty pounds
But you still look nothing like her, I mean?

Aileen, Aileen, Aileen, Aileen
So if you want an Academy award
Aileen, Aileen, Aileen, Aileen
Just play a dirty dackin' killing whore (whore)
Aileen, Aileen, Aileen, Aileen
I got just one more thing that I should say
Aileen, Aileen, Aileen, Aileen
You're more famous than i'll ever be so
Yay you, good job, b*t*h...

Trixie Mattel (Aileen)
Super dead

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