Fickle Friends


[Verse 1]
Am I obsessing, over thinking too much?
'Cause I'm finding it hard to breathe
You think I'm a feral, I'm a wild thing
And it could be the end of me

[Verse 2]
So overpressure, I'm applying too much
'Cause I'm sweeping you off your feet
You give me the finger like a foul thing
I'm as mad as I'm allowed to be

Did you think this was ever the deal?
No, I can't tell if you're being real
I am sick, so fed up, I am done
Yeah, I suffered enough

I'm nothing but lovesick
'Cause nothing makes sense when I'm not with you
I'm nothing but honest
I wanna give up, giving up on you
I'm nothing but lovesick

[Verse 3]
You're a confession, you're a lot like a crush
But the problem is not discreet
Say you got a medical condition
Either that, or you can't take the heat
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