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Tim Hawkins

"The Dog’s on Fire"

[Verse 1]
Hey little girl, don't you get upset
I've got some bad news, better call the vet
Oh no
As the flames go higher
Oh, the dog's on fire

[Verse 2]
Yeah, we gotta look at the bright side now
We'll save a lot of money on puppy chow
Oh no
I'm not a liar
Oh, the dog's on fire

You know that I always thought he was a good little fellow
Now run to the store, get a bag of marshmallows

'Kay, a lot of you missed that, that's real funny, come on people, get with it. I don't have cue cards tonight. We will take these cameras down, come on, get with it

[Verse 3]
That dog cost me about 100 dollars
Now all that's left is a 10 cent collar
Oh no
I'm starting to perspire
Oh, the dog's on fire

Oh, the dog's on fire

Oh, Everybody!

All: The dog's on fire!

Oh, it's gonna be a good night. That's sick, you're all sick

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