Charli XCX

"BTS & Charli XCX - Dream Glow (English Translation)"

[Verse 1: Charli XCX]
I spend my whole life following the night time
Can't see the stop sign what you gonna say (Hey)
Wandering quietly right into my dreams
It's all that I see what you gonna say (Hey)

[Pre-Chorus: Jungkook]
Always feeling something bigger something real wild
Keep on shining make it brighter than a spotlight (Hey hey)

[Chorus: Charli XCX]
Sometimes I stop and stare
Follow my dreams right there
Dream glow (Hey hey)
Sometimes my dreams come true
Sometimes they turn to blue
Dream glow (Hey hey)

[Verse 2: Jimin]
The nice boys said to be easily raised
Had scratched knees they used to hide away (Hey)

My constellation is of the Sun's fragment
A radiant blackout, the dance of shadows (Hey)

[Pre-Chorus: Jungkook & Jin]
Inside my heart I feel an undying light
Won't lose to an opponent I haven't brushed against (Hey hey)
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