Lil’ Pop
Make Dat Ass Wiggle
If you a bad b*t*h, independent
On your sh*t bae, then f**k with me....leggo
{HOOK in background}
Bad b*t*hes put your motherf**king hands in the air
If you know that pu**y good
And you keep them n***as coming back
You gotta drop that sh*t, drop that sh*t...

{Verse 1}
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Girl bend over, touch your toes
All that a**, make it roll
Certified on that pole, do your dance on that hoe
Im on yac, she on goose
She like girls, i do too
She want money, i got money
All you gotta do is, back it up honey
Pop that pu**y, shake that jelly
Rising it up, mean im ready
Fine as f**k, damn you sexy
Bet you look even better, when that a** naked
Walk walk for me, strike your pose
Can lil pop, have an encore
Baby cute as f**k, a** stupid bra
I just wanna see her, toot toot toot it up (echoes 2x)

Back it up, Back it up, Back it up (Yaahhh)
Now Drop (drop) Drop (drop) Drop (drop) Drop (drop)
Let me see you just
Make Dat A** Wiggle
Let me see you just
Make Dat A** Wiggle
Let me see you just
Make Dat A** Wiggle
Make Dat A** Wiggle, Make Dat A** Wiggle

{Verse 2}
(she bad, she bad, she bad, hey..hey..hey)
Wiggle left cheek, wiggle right cheek
One cheek at a time, do it to the beat
Baby super bad, and she bout cash
Shake it slow, shake it fast
Can you twurk, you for sure?
In that dress?, in that skirt?
In them heels, toes done
Baby got me, throwing them ones
Sling that weave, long hair
Hang to a**, make me stare
Independent, baby there
Gotta have her, i dont care
When this song come on, baby get low
Im talking, all the way to the floor
Gotta twurk something, if you wanna get dough
Bounce that a** up and down, like a 6'4


{Verse 3}
Wiggle that, bounce that, move it all around
Squat down low, make that a** touch the ground
Baby bend it over, hit a three-point stance
Incase you ain't know, baby im the made man
Shout out to them bad b*t*hes (all out)...
On that goose and smoking that loud
Real cute face and that a** so fye
Say baby can i sin with you tonight
Yea she bad, and she know
Bow-legged, and a lil para-toed
She put that money over hoes
So n***as dont try if you broke
This that sh*t right here, this that new dance
Make dat a** wiggle, girl this yo chance
Ima sit right here and pop these bands
You make that a** clap (clap) with no hands


Copyright 2009