She's as strong as a mountain
She's as safe as a house
Crazy as a monkey
Quiet as a mouse
She can make up her mind
Stop on a dime
Go from zero to sixty and her little red...

Tambourine, tambourine
She's the best thing I've ever seen
Tambourine, tambourine
Like cold mountain water in a dry desert stream

She's as long as a highway
She's as kind as a child
She's as tame as a lion
And she's as tame as she's wild
She can sing 'em a song
Play right along
Hits the one and the three
On her little red...

She's as hot as a fire
She's as cold as a rain
She can burn like a fire
She can steam like a train
She can run like a stream
She's a journeyman's dream
Shines like the chrome
On my little red...

(Chorus - Jam - Chorus)