You dont have to hide no more
I know how you feel x2
I know whats behind that door
I get the appeal
To leave it all out on the floor
Thats how you gon heal

Ok girl let me tell it to you straight
I know that you been acting crazy cuz theres too much on your plate
We better handle this situation before it escalates
And theres no coming back to the path that we patiently await

So listen and learn
You gotta wait your turn
People done you wrong
So you wish the world burns
Your att**ude lately
Has been cause for concern
Hold my hand baby
And together we’ll return

To wherever we’re supposed to be
Just you and me
If need be the
Ill carry all of the weight on my back
Ill give everything that it would take to keep you in tact
You been strong enough now let take over while you relax
Just calm down
And take a second
I know sh*ts f**ked up but do you count your blessings
Cuz theres always something to live for
Somebody that makes you wanna give more

You gotta keep right
Dont switch lanes
People try to to keep you down but refrain from
Letting them gettin up in your brain
The sun shines brightest in the wake of rain