Wrapped Around
[Verse 1]

Got me wrapped around your finger
No need to let me linger
I'm gonna bust out, break free
Cut loose, to make you see
You'll lay with any man that shows you affection
But why would they want to f**k with perfection
Because I'm better than all these Mother F**kers
Saying that I want to f**k her?
F**k them, while I'm f**king you (Damn)
Sh*t now, there's the proof
Baby I know, you only wanted the truth
I wanna be with you
I wanna be so right
I wanna be so true
I wanna be the only one for
Wait until we see the sunrise over the ocean
I'm gonna make my motions
Just, To please you
To please me? Please let's do
Anything you've ever wanted, ever dreamed of
Every dream does
Something to me
Hard to explain, easy to see
[Verse 2]

One of a kind girl, One of a kind man
It's so perfect, far from bland
No, you turn mundane into sublime
I put you into
Every single rhyme
Every time I look back, I see you
You're all that's in my head
Everything I make, everything that's been said
You are
My inspiration, my muse
Now you're all gone, I'm still here
But I know, I still fear
That I'm going to lose you forever every single day
Never gonna know what to say
But thats OK
Because my speech was always weak, when you were near
As time goes by I've got nothing left to fear
This is beauty, I swear you've never know
Teleports your mind, across, to another zone
Different from everyone you see in the street
They said "Fight for her," F**k I'll bring a fleet
Of emotions, and Love Potions
And Luck, just to get you back
Because I'm cutting no slack
And breaking down boarders
Want my full potential? This is only one quarter
All I have to do is fight for you (Fight Fight) x6