[Some quote]

Try, Try, Try again
I'll Try to defend you
No matter what I do, no matter what I do
Where I go
I always think about you
You make make make my bones quiver
You make this little sliver of hope
So big, it swells up
Kinda like my d**k
Kinda Like my sh*t
Kinda like you know, you know it
Yeah, you've seen it
Yeah, I know, I know
I'm not trying to be inappropriate
But I can't help, I can't help it
Because I know I'm gonna miss, know I'm gonna miss
Know this mist is
Lingering over my mind, my brain
All the time I'm insane
What do you think of me?
Do you think? See

Let's, Let's, Let's all go
To this place, I'm gonna really show
Show me every little thing you do
Because I think about, about yoooouuuu
Every little morning that I wake up
Every single morning I don't give a f**k
I wanna see you
I wanna make this true
I don't give a f**k
Man these simple rhymes I am through, I am through
I just want hold, hold, hold on to you
Did I ever really though?
Did we ever go? Did we ever go?
Did we ever Elevate, Elevate, Elevate?
[Afternoon by Youth Lagoon]

Let her finish
Her words
I'll finish
Flip the bird
To these other mother f**kers
These haters, they don't understand
She means more to me than you could ever see
I don't know what she did, but
She changed me, yeah
She changed me

Try again, try it all
Try it all again
Try me on for size
Look at me, I bet these other guys
Never treated you like I did
Did they?
No, No I don't think so
A second chance, I'll never get
But your touch, I'll never forget
Just remember, when you forget me
You'll still be
Burning in my bones
Burning in my brain
In my mind it's all the same
You everywhere I go
Why did we never go?
Did we show?
Did we? Could we ever be?
I don't think so
I remember walking arm in arm with you
Could make this true
But these words are fake
I'm living a dream
When I think of you
It's like this whole thing was true
But I left my soul
Left my heart
For dead, for dead
Defend, I've said
Let's go
You're free now