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“So many opportunity’s, gotta take advantage”
“Missed opportunity”
“Knowledge you know what I mean, you know what I’m saying right”
“You gotta have the right mindset”
“You gotta have the right MIN9SET, and they don’t”
“Look at the area I picked you up from”



I’m doing all these late night shifts
But I’d rather be siping
We could of had a good time
But she’ rather be tripping
Can’t remember the last time I even went on a date
To be honest
I’m too stressed
I got a lot on my plate and she said

If times money I don’t want you to waste it
Well girl I don’t mind
I mean we came from the basement
And if it wasn’t for you
I’d probably have a different mindset
A yong n*gga trying make it out the projects


Know the deal
It’s real hard to make it
All these n*ggas show love
But it ain’t hard to fake it
All these b*tches came through
But you the one I was looking for
I just wanted a big house with wooden floors
I just wanted a bad b*tch to love me more
And I swear these opportunities open doors yeah

So she gave me a chance
And all these n*ggas wasting time trying get in your pants
So all I do is write, rhyme trying make you my fan
I’m Trying make you my wife
I’m Trying to start another life with you


I swear I ain’t wanna fight with you


I just want another night with you


And I can picture it now
Ever since I got my money up
They trying to figure me out
These n*ggas couldn’t keep up with out bring me down
I couldn’t end my day without making a seen

I got b*tches quoting Justin Bieber
“What do u you mean”
I’m in a booth with a fever man
100 degrees
Don’t want a coop or a Beamer
But I’m riding the bus
I’m a humble n*gga
I ain’t asking for much I swear
The streets crazy so I’m playing it safe
My n*gga I just had a baby I ain’t catching a case
Cause I’m the only dad she got at the end of the day
I’m not here to make friends
I’m here to get paid


Wassup with ya


Wassup with ya


Back in high school I used to have lunch with ya

Now we eating good on a day to day basic

You said you got a man

But I can be his replacement

I’m in the whip too down

This sh*t feel like a spaceship


Going out of this world n*gga


Ima make her my girl n*gga


He couldn’t do a damn thing

(Damn thing)

I couldn’t do a damn thing

(Damn thing)

Every second she asking for a damn ring

Think ima get her a carrot

Cause every time I’m talking money

She be talking bout marriage

The loud pack so big the sh*t look alike a cabbage

It got me on a different mindset


I’m on a different mindset

Shout out the bro devo
Got more songs of you looking for a sequel
We can go 50/50
I’m just looking for an equal
Just to make some extra money
It don’t have to be legal

(A little extra money)


Some n*ggas want me on sound cloud

(They want me)

A couple want me on datpiff


All I do is smoke sour now
I remember I use to smoke that piff

Like real sh*t

I’ll never quit
Like d rose on the Knicks
All that bullsh*t irrelevant

(We ain’t worried bout it)

You know I used to play the back seat
Now we in the front

(In the front)

Balling like some athletes

b*tches used to front
It’s all good if you ask me
Cause now days I’ll smoke a blunt and let the pus*y pass me


I guess I’m on a different mindset

You on a different mindset?

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