John Mulaney
Math and King Solomon
I wasn't very good in school when I was younger, and my worst subject was math. And I went to this grade school where they did this thing one year, where they decided to divide all the kids up into two different math groups, right? Based on your abilities, and the first group that you could be in was called The Blue Angels, and it was named after the famous aviators. And the other group was called Group 2. Yeah, oh, we were a swell bunch of kids in Group 2. The best part of it is we picked the name ourselves. The teacher was like, "Hey, what are we gonna call ya, group 2?"
And we were like, "Yeah, bingo! You got it right there. Four and five is twelve, and we're done for the day."

I went to a Catholic grade school when I was younger, and we had to learn a new Bible story every single week, and it was this Bible study class, although it wasn't called Bible study class. It was called Religious Studies. We mainly studied one religion. There wasn't a lot of like any Hinduism or anything in there. So you'd learn a Bible study like backwards and forwards, and then we'd like present on them at the end of the week. And so a lot of them are still burned into my brain, y'know? Also, there's, like, a lot of weird stuff going on in there. Like the story of King Solomon and the baby. Do you guys remember that one? If you don't, I'll take you through the details:

So in the Bible, King Solomon, he's, like, the wise king of Israel, and these two women bring him a baby. And they say, "King Solomon, we both claim that this is our baby. What are you gonna do?"
And Solomon says, "Well, we will cut the baby down the middle."
And the first woman says, "Oh, okay!"
And the other woman says, "No! Don't cut the baby down the middle."
And King Solomon says to her, "Ah, ha, ha, ha, congratulations. You have proven yourself to be the real mother."

A couple things with that: one, who is this first woman that's like, "Yeah, cut the baby in half. That sounds like a good idea?"
Like what kind of awful bitch has just stolen a ba—she stole a baby? And then the first time she's asked about it, she's like, "Look, I'll take what I can get. Can I get the legs? I'll take the legs. She can have the top part." She is so fucked up that she calls the head the top part. Secondly, that he knew it was the real mother because she knows not to cut a baby in half. Yeah, I think most people would come to that conclusion.
Like even if I was just walking down the street, and there was someone about to saw a child in half, I would be like, "Hey... why don't you not do that?"
And they'd be like, "Oh, you must be the father! Congratulations! You have passed my test."