John Mulaney
I Feel Like Shit (This Must Be Love)
[Verse 1: Andrew Glouberman & (Missy Forman-Greenwald)]
When we're together my insides throb
Like my intestines are in my heart
I know, and I'm reduced to a trembling heap
Of highs and nervous parts

[Chorus: Both & (Missy Forman-Greenwald)]
What's this feeling?
My organs bite and cramp
And I nearly pooped my pants every time I see ya
My head is reelin'
I think I'm gonna hurl
But wouldn't trade it for the world, even diarrhea
Whoa, I feel like shit (ho ho!)
This must be love

[Outro: Andrew Glouberman, (Missy-Foreman Greenwald) & [Both]]
I'm nauseous from the stress
(And I'm a gassy, rashy mess)
I've got a boner in my chest
['Cause I'm in love]