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John Mulaney

"Pay Attention!"

You promised that you'd stop talking
When will the chattering end?
You know I practiced for hours
I even brought in a friend

Well, I recall an announcement
That Lexie's mother just gave
She said, "Our little Lexie's prepared us a skit
The kind you're goin' to crave"

Aw, no one is payin' attention
That guy just went to the fridge
We don't do this for the money
We don't accept every gig

Well, guess what things you are missin'
What we have planned for this crowd
Four minutes of total perfection
But that bald guy talked too loud

I wear my mom's blazer
So I can play a newscaster
The news is that there is a new funny song
You'd all burst into cheers and laughter

We'd stuff pillows in shirts to look fat
We'd take a blanket and wrap up a cat
The cat would be our baby too
Armed with some kind of joke to you

And then, we'd both act out all of Frozen
Then I would do a cartwheel
And then when she's done a cartwheel
I will also do a cartwheel

You don't value our vision
You keep talking while we lip sync
And, Mom, whose side is it you're on?
Shushing all your friends with a wink

Uh, I don't have to pay attention
This is a very good deal
We even thought about who sang what
But now our friendship has healed
You weren't payin' attention
So watch us swell up in tears
You will regret the skit you missed out on
You will regret it for years

Mom's friend Patty
Pay attention
Her adult son
Pay attention
Some guy's wife
Pay attention
Dad's rich friend
Pay attention
Man with mustache
We respect you
Former teacher
We're to see you
Ronald Reagan
Pay attention
Oh wait, he died
Pay attention
Look at us!
Pay attention
Don't look away!
Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention

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