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Lil B

"Whats poppin"

[Verse 1: Lil Blauwjte]
Ayo what's poppin
I know what's hoppin
I know it's almost summer
And Imma spend it with you
Oh what a bummer

[Verse 2 : Lil Boop]
Yuh I know
All i hear u mummer
'Is that a plumber"

[Chorus: both ]
What's poppin
Whats poppin
What's poppin
What's poooopin

[Verse 3 : Lil Boop]
Ayo u want some In N Out

[Verse 4 Lil Boop ]
We’re at in n out???? i need a cheeseburger ???? with some fries ???? on the sideeeee???? i need some ketchup ????????i need some mustard ????forget the mayo???? i need some lettuce ???? what are you gonna order?

[Verse 5]
Okay now SCRATCH THAT????i need a milkshake ????make it strawberry ???????? never mind chocolate ???????? i want vanilla ???? i want a milkshake????please ???????? give me some fries ????and i will be happyyyyyyyyyyy ????????????????????haha ????????????

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