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Lil B

"Rhode Island"

Yeah, n*gga, I'ma talk about BasedWorld, man
These n*ggas talk about I did what?
I got so many motherf*ckin' b*tches
(f*ck it! Talk to a n*gga!
I know the BasedGod!)

[Verse 1]
I know the BasedGod, yeah
Catch me out in Rhode Island (swag)
I'ma f*ck yo' b*tch till she cryin'
All my young n*ggas wildin'
Albany, b*tch, we gettin' violent
Tell that n*gga quit hidin'
Tell that fat n*gga I'm the real don
I'ma f*ck his b*tch where the hills are

Rhode Island!
Shout out Rhode Island! (Figaro!)

[Verse 2]
I'ma give money to the DJ (swag)
I'ma tell that n*gga go replay
I know Lil B
Yeah, n*gga, I know Lil B
Shout out to the BasedGod
n*gga, I said "thank you BasedGod"
Huh? It ain't no f*ckin' drop
Huh? (Woo!) Yeah, n*gga, we gon' f*ckin' drop
Another body drop, it's OK
It's OK
Give a f*ck what a n*gga gotta say
Gotta say
Take that hoodie off, b*tch, you look gay
You look gay
All my n*ggas goin' dumb up in the bay
In the bay

Rhode Island!
Shout out Rhode Island!

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