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Lil B

"Berkeley San Fransisco Its the BasedGod"

Hunchback the BasedGod
From Berkeley to San Francisco, you feel me?
I want say thank you BasedGod for the beat
I know you ain't even trippin off the tags or none of that
We didn't sample or nothin', we do it for history

[Verse 1]
I got the hunchback from all the depression
Sitting on the couch learning some lessons
My stomach hurt, I keep on stressing
I'm the best doctor because I know me
f*ck you for laughing and smiling in my face
I won't conform to what they say
I seen people leave me and walk away
I'm not about the hype or all the soul shaking
Life get harder, it be heart-breaking
I never seen death, I'm not waitin'
I never seen smoke, you can stop fakin'
I'm pulling n*ggas cards, I can't move my temper
I got to stay focused, cause in one move it's over
They know I'm a soldier, for real, I got to stay focused
One wrong move and it's over, it's the Hunchback of BasedGod
It's the Hunchback of BasedGod, it's the Hunchback of BasedGod
Berkeley, San Francisco, I love the world, man
Berkeley San Francisco, it's the BasedGod

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