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Lil B

"Outer Mission Music"

It's all the growth, ya feel me? Based freestyle

This the Outer Mission music
Catch me in San Francisco, yeah I do it
Out in Berkeley, gettin to it, Bay Area, we going stupid
This that Outer Mission music
Walking down the street, feeling, vibing, high siding
We never been lying
More like a giant, it's that Outer Mission music
Shout out San Francisco, all the rappers that do it
I'm talking Selski, JT, Messy, so many
I'm talking Sandqueen, all the legends, I'm talking Big Ridge
I'm talking your boy, so many to name, I'm talking 'bout
So many, so many, oh my God, but I try to just keep it friendly
I feel bad because I ain't said everybody I need to, and I need to
San Francisco I need you, because really I f*ck with you
I'm talking all that, 415, all that, you know I f*ck with you
I buy the music, support the music, I f*ck with you
Go get your duckets, Lil B, I see him in public
Is that the Hunchback, the BasedGod, or is that the BasedGod?
This the Outer Mission music, we just chilling out to it

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