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Lil B

"Stopped Talkin but I Still Rap"

So self-conscious, you feel me
That's why I got to be a conscious rapper, just by default
I got to be a backpack rapper, just by default
For the legend and all that

[Verse 1]
I'm just so conscious
I think about everything
Shout out P89, Sonic sounds, peta, I see you
We rocking, Richmond, all day
We get money, all day
Hard work, no play, RIP to jack, I see
It's a lot of love in my heart, E40 I see you
Mr. Fab, I see you, 2Short, I see you
We rocking to the endless ill
I feel for you, it's all love, Lil B, from up above
I'm seeing everybody
I know the BasedGod
I can't be quiet
I got to sit back, I can't sit back
I got to just rap
I stopped talking but I still rap (what that mean?)
I said, I stopped talking but I still rap
Hunchback the BasedGod
Just bringing you closer to the pain, to the love, everything
You know, I'm just bringing you closer to me, you feel me

[Verse 2]
Digging in my self, who am I?
3-0, 30 years old
I used to say that was old
OG, young O, trying to make it to 6-0, that's real
This life sh*t got to play out
I'm a young n**ga, still getting these young moneys
Got to chase the bag, shout out to Mac mane
Shout out to Lil Wayne, I love you
You got to do what you got to do
Keep this sh*t gutter
Soldier boy I see you, Wolf Pack I see you
It's Lil B

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