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Lil B

"Feel No Pain Based Freestyle"

[Verse 1]
I came from the other place
The other side of the road
It's like another face
When I rap i'm in another place
You gotta respect it, don't play
f*ck these fakers
Lie to your face
Watchu' want?
Watchu' really want?
They'll say anything for what they really want
They say their mom got a problem
They say they got a problem
They say their people coming through
But you ain't really did what you was supposed to do
So how could I trust you?
I can't, I can't really f*ck with you
Sit back and I feel the pain
Never feel it, we really can't
My n*gga, really can't
I swear to god I never feel no pain
We really can't
Smoking all this sh*t to never feel no pain

(Real Worldwide)
(Lil B)

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