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Lil B

"Still the Rawest Out Based Freestyle"


I'm talking about it, Based freestyle
Shout out to the BasedGod, (?) if I see you

[Verse 1]

I got to remind myself that i'm the rawest out
Don't forget, you the rawest out
Lil B for life, take your jaw out
You be spitting so much, you got a foul mouth
I'm talking about foul ball
When we playing in this game, life is like baseball
So I just hit the basedog, and I just ball
I'm talking about, all the sports that;
You gotta have teamwork use your mind Jack
Watch your back, when you're running off with that sack
They coming for you
They coming for you, and I know every play in the playbook
They try to get over, I seen that look
Lil B, i'm not a look
It's the Hunchback of BasedGod
It's Lil B
Based freestyle

[Verse 2]
Hunchback of BasedGod based freestyle
Closer to my mind, this is me now
This is way past a freestyle
Digging through my mental, i'm like the streets
Passing through your beats, passing by your car it's me
I stay alone, all up in my zone I gotta figure where i'm at
I gotta see where's my home
Studio is all i know, the pain is all I know
The crying is how I grow
Seen the fake sh*t, i'm looking for the real (Yes)
I've seen all around the world, i'm looking for the feel
It's so real, it's Lil B for lil boys


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