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Lil B

"Always Been Alone Based Freestyle"

Always been in this sh*t by myself, that's how I love it
I wanna say thank you BasedGod for the beat (BasedGod)
(Based Freestyle)

[Verse 1]
This a Based Freestyle, while i'm in Berkeley
Getting my mind right, don't (?)
Don't red shirt me, this is Lil Berkeley
This is Lil Berkeley
I remember long nights, getting my mind right walking around
Everybody walking the streets of Berkeley
Getting so inspired, lighting my fire
Not even thinking about, close to retiring
I ain't got it yet, but i'm still gonna rock a check
Blowing up like a rocket ship
f*ck that sh*t baby
Talking and playing and hating I don't hear it
They just be saying sh*t, and i'm spitting it
It's Lil B n*gga
It's my life
Do it right
Turn up - all night
Everybody by the campfire, we just keeping it light
Keep it lit, we in this
I be in this sh*t, Based freestyle never catch the grip
Never got the grip, still walking up like elephants
On the mountain top Thailand; keep the watch
Close the curtains, I got enough time on my watch
The ice is froze, pick up a couple of them and pour it to the champagne
My b*tches love me, i don't give a f*ck about ya'll
Tell me how i'm feeling, my mind stay so ill
Hunchback of BasedGod, that's the feel

Based freestyle
This for my life
This for my life

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