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Lil B

"Sex Symbol Because I Always Been Alone Based Freestyle"

Based Freestyle, sex symbol, sex symbol

B got what it takes to be (sex symbol, sex symbol)
Do you want to be?
Do you got what it takes to be a sex symbol

[Verse 1]
Look past that, look past the skin, makeup
Look past the self and make up
Falling asleep and wake up
This is real
Started feeling all the feels that I could feel
Let me tell you what's real
Started gaining weight
I had to remember my place
No matter what my face looks like
I got to stay in my space
I’m a do what I want and not conform to what they want
I'd rather look like him - Lil B, yes

Sex symbol (Do you want to be?)

[Verse 2]
Told them to fall back with that sh*t
You got to fall back
That sex symbol is good, it's cool
But is that really you?
So much pressure, How you gonna move?
The public see it different
Object -it and objectifying
We all the same and it so, so strange
I’m talking about this whole game
It's like propane
Set it on fire

Do you want to be? (Sex symbol, sex symbol)
Do you want to be? (a sex symbol, sex symbol)

Live your life
Don't worry what Nobody say
Don't conform to the norm
Live your life
Stay positive
Lil B for life, Lil B forever

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