FBG Duck

"Tell Em"

I got Yella in the booth with me
Aye major, I don't want no autotune (no x4)
f**k all that sh*t (f**k it!)
This how they want me to come (This what they want me to do?)
2 blickas in the booth (turn up x5)

[Verse 1]
He-he-he-he wanna play with some grown men
He just gon get his self hurt (pu**y)
Why he wanna play around with some killas?
He just gon get himself murked (kill em)
n***as be talkin ’bout killas, but how is they killas
If n***as ain't puttin in that work? (pu**y)
b*t*h, I really be with killas
And them killas will pull up and put you on a shirt (gang, gang)
He just gon' end up like Steve (damn)
Not able to breathe (sh*t)
pu**y n***as say they want me R.I.P (pu**y)
That sh*t not hard to bеlieve (pu**y)
I would beliеve everything you just said (huh?)
Pull up on em with that infrared (huh?)
Shoot his ass in his head
Glaow! Glaow! Now he dead
Put his ass right to bed (whoo)
Lean trip, lean sip, I’m off the (sh*t)
You can run up on me if you want (damn)
f**k around, off him (bam!)
pu**y n***a better um, better proceed with some caution (um, pu**y)
b*t*h, I only hang with bosses (boss)
Get the money and these b*t*hes can't get sh*t from me (money!)
That's what they talkin'
Hol' on, wait
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