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Old Dominion

"Everything to Lose"

[Verse 1]
Everything that you do is drivin' me crazy
Dancin' and singin' along
And it's catchin' my ear, catchin' my eye
I think that it's been long enough, girl, you know I ain't playin'
So let's blow this popsicle stand, girl, and kiss it goodbye
Kiss me one time like

A chocolate-covered pretzel, baby, salty and sweet
Like a dog on a leash, beggin' for that treat
So what are we waiting for?
'Cause if you're askin' me, we got everything to lose

This bar, this band, these lights, this town
This drink, your friends, my friends, our phones
All track of time and a little sleep too
We got everything to lose
Our minds, our inhibitions
My belt, your purse, your keys, my jacket
This shirt on me, that dress on you
Come on, girl, we got everything to lose
(We gotta lose everything, baby)

[Verse 2]
It's been a really long time since we got all wound up
And wound up in each other's arms
And in each other's heads and each other's beds
We got our own little groove that I'm lovin' the sound of
Spendin' all night, spinnin' around, strippin' it down
To the basics of you and me
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