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Old Dominion

"Dancing Forever"

[Verse 1]
I caught you wishin' out the window last night
Wonder if the moon was talkin' back
I got a feelin' that you got God's ear, yeah
I know I feel like He's closer when you're here
It's like you've got this song in your head that nobody else knows
So just follow it, baby, wherever it goes
It's gonna hurt to let you go, but baby, go fly
So high, so I

I can watch you dancin' forever
Turnin' those stars into letters
Write your name in the sky
When you laugh, when you cry
Just catch the breeze like a feather
Turnin' your tears into treasures
When you're here, when you're gone
I'll be here, lookin' on
So keep on dancin' forever

[Verse 2]
There's somethin' in the way you're lookin' right now
It's tellin' me my time is runnin' out
I guess I'm waitin' on your next move, yeah
All this time, I thought I was leadin' you
Now look at you
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