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"We Alone"

Yeah, yeah
Nah, nah, nah
Dem say patients is a virtue
But who shall we turn to (We Alone)
Yeah hmmm yeah

Yuh nuh see a we alone
Look how hard we try, nobody hear we cry
Dem no care fi I
Yow a we alone
Been through di storm
When di rain dissolve, we saw no one
We alone yeah, we alone, we alone, we alone
Yuh nuh si a wi alone
Yow dem want it all
System wah we fall
There’s no one to call

[Verse 1]
Dem seh Rome never build inna one day
Becaa dem waa wi suffer same way
But if a dem dem money wah name suffer, a games dem a play
An if yuh system suh right why yuh mek gun no
Dem waa use fear fi wol wi dung
Den if a only when dem talk wi get things done
None a wi nuh have freedom
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