Lots of n***as bein around a n***' cus they know he gat money
Swear to God Zeus n***' bein paid
I just be f**king these b*t*hes
I do what I want cus I know they juss really wanna take
My momma called me on phone
Said my boy how you doing
Told my momma I'm tryna get paper
And I don't be trusting nobody
Get straight to mah work
To stack it up
And stack it real straight

You cannot tell me no nothing
I stand up for something
I believe I really gon get it
This is a new type of rap
To reach out to my youngins and b*t*hes that's been on the street
Trust me
We all gat a common mentality
And that sh*t is all about gettin money
I done seen lotta sh*ts happen to n***as on street
Swear to God that sh*t ain't really funny
I know she ain't really love me
She just stayin down cus she thinks I'mma flip up this money
Well I ain't doing that
I'mma keep saving up
Hacking dumb till I run me up some milli
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