U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI File Part 1: Family Robbery
(p. 21-2)

Date of transcription: 11/05/1999

On November 3, 1999, RUSSELL JONES also known as (AKA) OLD DIRTY BASTARD was interviewed at TARGET PROGRAM REHAB CENTER, 1680 N. Fair Oaks Street, Pasadena, California. Also present during the interview was New York City Police Department Detective, Brooklyn Intelligence Division, [redacted]. After being advised as to the identities of the interviewers and the purpose of the interview, JONES provided the following information:

JONES had returned from California to New York the night before he was robbed. He parked his Range Rover outside the project houses of [redacted] where his [redacted] (phonetic) lived in apartment 1A. JONES planned on spending the night at the apartment. JONES was traveling alone without any bodyguards.

JONES was asleep in a bedroom in the apartment. A male cousin was asleep on the bed next to the one JONES was occupying. [Redacted] was asleep in another bedroom with her baby. Before falling asleep, JONES told [redacted] to tell the children to keep the door locked because they were constantly running in and out of the apartment.

JONES was awaken from his sleep by a man who was pointing .357 or .45 caliber grey gun in his face. JONES was unaware of what was happening and reacted by jumping up from the bed. The UNKNOWN MALE (UNM1) and JONES wrestled until the UNM1 shot JONES in the arm and back. At first JONES was not aware that he was shot. After shooting JONES, the UNM1 started to flee from the apartment but a second UNKNOWN MALE (UNM2) that was standing by the front door of the apartment said to the UNM1 "you got the shit". It is at this point that the UNM1 returned to the bedroom that JONES was occupying. JONES confronted him and asked him do you want my jewelry and the UNM1 stole JONES' jewelry from his body. The UNM1 stole a linked chain with a "7" charm on it and rings all totaling approximately $10,000. After securing the jewelry, the two (2) UNKNOWN MALES fled the apartment. JONES's cousin who was laying in the bed next to him arouse after the UNKNOWN MALES fled the apartment. JONES drove himself to St. John's hospital where he was treated for the gun shot wound.

Before the robbery occurred, JONES's sister, who lives in the projects in Brooklyn, NY heard that when "dirty" came around he was going to be hit. JONES thinks that his sister, cousin and/or his little cousin [redacted] (phonetic) LNU knows who committed the robbery. JONES never investigated who robbed him because he did not want to cause problems for his family who still lives in the projects where the robbery occurred. JONES has not returned to the projects since the incident.

JONES described the UNM1 as being taller than he, wearing a black mask, and a light blue t-shirt with brown skin. UNM1 carried the gun in his right hand. JONES could only provide a brief description of UNM2 because he only got a momentary glimpse of him. The UNM2 was also wearing a black ski mask. JONES believed the UNKNOWN MALES were young in age because of the way they behaved during the robbery.

Two(2) years ago, JONES was robbed while in the Kingston projects. JONES was also shot during this robbery.