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Red Velvet

"Remember Forever (English Translation)"

[Verse 1]
All the lights are out tonight like the world is asleep
Now everything turns into a memory
The dreams we had together were beautiful
One by one they seep through on this road

It’s like a midsummer night’s dream
Am I under a spell?
It all still shines in my heart, making it flutter
But like an illusion, it’s coming to an end

The fun night of the festival
A blissful dream of falling in love
I hope tonight goes on endlessly like this
I end up making a small wish

[Verse 2]
The carousels
That ran as lightly as a waltz
And the bright Ferris wheel
They all come to a stop silently, secretly
The festival is ending
But don’t forget me
I promise, we will meet again
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