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Red Velvet

"카풀 (Carpool) (English Translation)"

Excuse me baby!
Don’t be surprised, would you like to get in this car right now?
I felt it the moment I saw you
We want the same thing, let’s leave together

Follow my lead, there’s something even easier than the ABC
It’s enjoying summer to the fullest
Try changing up your day once
Let’s follow the beach

Scream out loud
Uh uh yeah we’re feeling good (So good!)
Feel the refreshing wind, oh

[Verse 1]
Put your hands up and wave
Uh uh, open the sunroof
Hi hi to strangers too
We’re all friends now

[Verse 2]
Above our heads, the sun is making fun of us
I think I heard the waves, right, right
We’re not as awkward as we were before, right (Hey, go kids)
While joking around and talking
Hey wow, we got closer, now let’s go anywhere
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