911 (Remix)


[Hook - Damso]
J'me ramollis, j'suis tombé love
Fais le 911, j'crois qu'un gangster est tombé love
Love, love

[Verse - Ya Minko]
Galaxies when we’re alone
Texting non stop carry on
Can we take a little second to appreciate the tone of conversation when we zone (when we zone)

Nothing special but this moment, let this moment be the one
In the matrix on a cloud

Say you want a bonus round
I got stamina
We can go a weekend or a night
On the regular
You take me on trips in your mind
& I love it here
I think ima stay a little while
But then I gotta ski

You and me right here is where I coexist in peace
Love the sound of you whether in silence or in speech your
Aura cashmere, stairway heaven
It don’t gotta last forever but this moment here is ours
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