Jessie Mueller
Helena’s Confession
The words so rude of Drood had caused me great alarm:
That devil might cause Neville to cause him some harm!
Sister and mother to my brother I have been--
And so to smother Drood, I had to do Drood in!

I meant no violence, that christmas morn:
I meant to silence this Edwin's scorn
The sky it wept, no view of light
As I crept into the night!
Unsteady Drood, half-dazed with wine...
This "Eddy" Drood had raised my spine!
I took my veil off, and lost my mind!
My veil did sail off, I tossed it blind
It wound and bound his caped coat
And draped around his throat

I meant to gag him, but I did snag him
So I did drag him off to hell!
I'd kill another, to save my brother--
I did it well!
And guilty am I and blamless is he--
Guilty am I, I cry...Shamlessly!