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Snoop Dogg

"Can’t say Goodbye"

Im reading our texts
While u might be moving on to the next
Not that I blame you, Im tryin to do the same too
Well I can't move on so easily though
Just get shivers from this freezing blow
My mind is all on you, day and night
Wishing I could get you back, I would fight
But its over, still trying to accept it
False hope but I really dont expect sh*t
You at the beach partying, drunk and high
Im in my room, trying not to cry
And keep making these wishes to the sky

I wanna spam twitter with feelings, write it
But I know you won't like it, tryna hide it
See thats how much Ive learned from you
We both used to be someone, now sometwo
Felt like we grew together
And promised eachother it would last forever
We had build up something that seemed impossible
To be destroyed
But now when I talk about it, all you get
Is annoyed
All I can give you now is a best friend
But sometimes it gets so hard to pretend
I wanna express how much I love you
People think I got softtoo
All those lovey-dovey things we used to write
Now its just the pain Im tryna bite

Just two sided questions up in here
But do I wanna know the answers?
Nah there's too much fear
I wanna meet up with you to have fun
Really nothing else, One reason, just one
And Yes I thought about it
And when I was down, what I shouted
That if we are together n you
Get to know me
It would return the love flow, see?
Thats one of those questions
Maybe I need therapy sessions
But Still though, if the love would not return
I would still love to be with you
Nd not feel burned
Just cause you are a special person
But for now the love curses-on

And my webcam has fallen on the ground
Haven't picked it up yet, been a week now
I feel so lonely and empty without you around
But when I look at your pictures, its wow
There are countless thoughts up in my head
But most are about when we just met
It felt great, we both knew we were soulmates
But I never got to meet you now, no dates
Please just gimme one more chance
Love isnt always about being in love, romance
Football can go on even though someone made hands
Love is a test, to see if you can take the durance
Man I remember when we were eachother's fans
But well we don't always have to like eachother
I sometimes am annoyed, but love my father or mother
You see, we dont have to be identical
And everything I said, I meant it all
I never loved someone, as much as I love you
So all I can say now and forever, my one love, true

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