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Snoop Dogg

"Let’s Play House (Original)"

[Intro: Dat n*gga Daz]
Ain't no hidin' in the garage when we get down
You know what I'm sayin'?
5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95
100, Ready or not baby, here I come

[Dat n*gga Daz]
Dat n*gga Daz struck a match and the match went out
But it wasn't no more lights in the motherf*cking house
Speakin' of house let's play a game of it
Is you wit it? Hide and go get it, I betcha love it baby
I'll play the daddy and you can play the mama
So we can get down on the living room floor
Is ya wit it? I promise I won't kill it
Loose pus*y on my di*k, should I kill it? Tell it? Yes

See back in the day when we used to play
You wanted to be with me (that's right)
Now that is so right and natural
No other man that I can see
I'm singin' in my background
Diggin' up a hole for you to make your move
But no longer will I be told regroup
Let's play house

[Hook: Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg (Simultaneously)]

[Snoop Dogg] [Nate Dogg]
Engine engine number nine, Let's play house
Rollin down the DP line
(repeat 2X)
[Michel'le] Let's play house...
[Michel'le] Is that what you want me to do with you?

[Dat n*gga Daz]
You play tha momma baby Let's play house
I'll play the daddy
You can play the momma
And I'll play the daddy [Michel'le] Let's play house
You can play tha momma Let's play house
And I'll be the daddy
And I'll be the daddy
That runs the house, straight up

[Warren G]
Now you can call me pappy or you can call me daddy
I'm hitting 21st in the blue and grey caddie
I'm feeling like Scrappy, or is it Scooby Doo
Cause I'm chilling with the motherf*cking Dogg Pound Crew
Now pass the brew to that n*gga Geezy Weezy
So I can let you down easy
Some n*ggas tried to see what I see
c*ck blocking with they b*tches but they can't c*ck block me

G-Dub, I know you know this b*tch by tha name of Danielle
Body of a Goddess face from hell
But oh sh*t, this wasn't the average b*tch
Her coochie was cavi and she liked gobbling di*ks
And I got a whole nine and a half for that black ass
Groupie, now all the hoochies wanna do me from the past
To the present (say what?) let me rep and present
(Who dat?) The biggest n*gga hittin all the hoes in your click
Fast as lightning running through like the breeze
In the summertime out on the corner making G's
It's the thirst, but I can show something much worse
Than the thirst, the fact your b*tch ate my di*k first
But first things first
Brenda, I can remember
How hot these hoes can get, eighty-seven, eighty-six, yeah
The year a young man grows
Fatal mistakes sprung over hazel-eyed hoes
b*tches ain't sh*t and the hoes a trick
And that's my modern day theory to describe a b*tch

[Nate Dogg (Repeated many times through Big Pimpin' Delemond's rant)]
Let's play house

[Outro: Big Pimpin' Delemond]
The pen is mightier than the sword
Let this be a lesson, original
Is only what I’m confessin’
With my pen, Big Pimpin’ ain’t stressin’
Then here goes another fool again
Who wants to stress the bullet, again
Yeah, I got 1 too, to his chest
Back to quick draw my Glock
With my pen, a new lesson to be taught
Doubt is the murderer of the green
That couldn’t rise from the dead
Yeah, you heard what I said
I know you heard, what I said
And the fate of the dream is to dream only
Because where you stop is where it ends
Yeah you heard what I said
Didn’t it hit you? In the head
Big Pimpin’ ain’t stressin’
Heh, long original, I’m confessin’
Platinum from out of the mind, every time
Tha Pound in the studio come and go
Real tight, doing it at night
Lyrics floating like molecules all over the room
Blended with the smell of Chronic
Hennessey on the tip of my tongue
b*tches on call, late night, in the studio
Just doing the regular
With the perfection that’s not unfamiliar
To the crew, the beat, the lyric, and the flow
That’s straight original (straight original)
Gangster the brew, you don’t want to get caught up in the stew
Jeffrey Dahmer my ass, he just did trash
Don’t f*ck with Tha Pound cause these motha’ f*ckas’ put it down
You don’t hear me though

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