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Snoop Dogg

"I Don’t Chase ’Em"

[Intro: Snoop Dogg] + (Devin)
Bigg Snoop Dogg (Snoop Dogg...)
Devin The Dude
A lil sumn for the (something for the b*tcheeez...)
For the who?
(For the b*tches!)
For the b*tches, yeah!
Oh, in case you don't know
A yo Devin (aha?)
Sing it to em nephew, come on
(Aight, let me do it something like this)

[Hook: Devin]
I don't chase b*tches, b*tches chase me
I don't need to chase a ho, no no
I don't chase b*tches, b*tches chase me
I don't need to chase a ho, no no

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
I don't chase b*tches, I let these b*tches chase me
They pop up at my shows, they know everywhere I be
Like Big Snoop, we got all your CDs
And we'll do anything if you put us on your team
Well aight b*tch, I sell a ho a quick dream
Then back on the road, so fresh so clean
Pimps up hoes down, n*gga that's the theme
And when they choose up, they get broke for everything
I ain't mad at 'em, they just wanna be seen
Flossin witta boss a picture in the magazine (Cheese!)
The b*tches all scream chasing down my limousine
And when I hit the hotel they waiting at the wind
My down South southern b*tches out in New Orleans
I can't forget my Texas b*tches faded off that lean
I don't chase b*tches, these b*tches chase me
For my playa partner rest in peace Pimp C


[Verse 2: Devin]
It's like a 9 to 5, but I be high
I'm like the captain and my partner Kirk is 'bout to come by
And beam me up, you don't see me much
Cuz I be in top this better believe ho when up in ya
sl*ts don't get much, freaks I make 'em geek
Like dope fiends on this pipe, yep this meat
Hoes they want clothes and sh*t, expectin me to unfold it
Oh no no b*tch!
Off to work I go to the studio or another show
Some people spend dough just to see a brother flow
So blessings I gotta get 'em and grind all the time
A piece of pus*y be the furthest from my mind
Sometimes, when I be traveling, n*ggas be asking me
Where are my b*tches like I brought 'em all with me
And some n*ggas be asking can they go find me a b*tch
But I have to dodge mo' pus*y than they'll ever get, sh*t


[Bridge: Tony Mack]
She keeps on taxing me
She won't stop calling me, oh no no
This ho keeps stalking me
That b*tch won't leave me alone, oh no no

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
I told this b*tch that I was cool on it, but she just wouldn't listen
And now she tryna blame me for her current condition
Hey b*tch I ain't even trippin, I told you I'm into pimpin
See I'm a hustle boy, baby, and I don't chase b*tches
All I do is check hoes in every city I visit
And put they number in my phone and later on I hit it
b*tch jock from a distance, quit burnin my minutes
Either you comin thru or not, it don't make me no difference

[Hook x2]

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