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Snoop Dogg

"How You Livin’"

[Snoop Talking]
Wassup dog?
Wassup my n*gga, how you doing dog?
Man, I'm chilling my n*gga
How you livin'?
sh*t, I'm livin' it up baby
Really, ohh really, sh*t
It's all great then
I'm glad to see ya, basically
Yeah, yeah
But on the real though dog
How you living though?
Who me? sh*t

[Snoop Dogg]
I got two boys and a wife
I live a luxurious life
And I'm respected in this game
Cause I do's the same
Man, look here
Let me spit you something for a second
Cause I see y'all ain't been peeping out my record
I see ladies, I see players, and I see haters
And all you fools who perpetrate us, I'll get back with ya later
I got a plate of shrimps, laughing with some pimps
Chopping game, while my diamond's swinging
Banking off my gold chain

[Butch Cassidy]
My time has come
The way it's done
No more being strung
Around just like a bun
My dues are paid
Darkness was paved
Let's go find some shade
Then we've got it made

[Snoop Dogg]
Money ain't everything dog, but I tell ya
If I didn't have it, i'd be labelled as a failure
So, as long as I breathe, I achieve
Keep god first in my life, I know that's right
And I prevail, whether it do or don't sell
It ain't about that, it's about giving back
We trying to get our live on, while you jib on
Let a homie get his sang on, instead of his bang on

[Butch Cassidy]
My life's my friends
And it's gonna be here till the end
It brought me a past
Out the hood, so I know it's gonna last
Down by the sea
Is where all the ladies see me
They tried to flash
Be down, but I had to make a dash

He went from a bucket to a benz, from some change to some ends
From his homies in the pen, to his balling friends
You know, flossy, flossin, bossy, bossin, boss
But I paid the cost

[Butch Cassidy]
I wanna go
As far as I can go
Just not loco though
Japan and even Tokyo

[Xzibit talking]
Yeah broadcasting live to your radiostation
This is Snoop Dogg
You know what I'm saying
Givin' a shout out
Mr X-to-the-Z-Xzibit
To all the homeboys on Dogghouse Records
Like this


[Snoop Talking]
187.4fm on your dial

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