Snoop Dogg

"Never Caught Slippin’"

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Hell yeah, big snoop dogg comin atcha live my nephew nottz, another dirty music production, can you dig it? Yabba-dabba-doo!
Something gangsta for you

[Verse 1: Nottz]
Hold up (hold up) let me talk to you motherf**kers for a minute you know who it is
I been getting biz
For eons the hell you didn't know [?] globe (globe)
Let's put it all in the open then
Oh you the sh*t b*t*h?
Then I'm the septic tank then
If the world is spinnin for the [?]
Then get to spinnin then
I ain't playin dude this is the start of your endin'
I'm here, and ya'll dudes better check the credits
If you're sounding like a boss I suggest you're ass did it
You're favorite producer producing
Make your ass [?] exquisite
Mr. West and the god dealer
I ain't gonna go crazy just gonna mention a few of my n***as
I am legend dude how the hell you not figure that
Make the game pop
Like them thangs that go click clack
Hip-hop: I live the sh*t ya'll just rap

Man they don't do it the way we do it
We are not like you
One of the chosen few
Well, I'm never gonna get caught slippin'
You know you're full of us
Life is fabulous
You hating n***as is mad at us
I'm never gonna get caught slippin'
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