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Snoop Dogg


[Hook: Luke James] x2
The world is so insane
I gotta maintain
Nothing is easy here
Stand tall through the rain
My heart’ll never change
I gotta persevere

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Past interference, perseverance
Now let me say this clearly cause I need no clearance
Do you have insurance?
For you and your children
I say that I don't just to make an appearance
I'm standing tall, on the ball leanin' back
Black power look I'm tryna bring the meaning back
Seems like a wish away
Chillin' like a villain on the corner
With a burner in the pickle plane
Freeze tag, nah n*gga ease back
Sackin' up the peace snack of the [?] in the beezack
Or maybe just the freezer
We gettin' money on the spot where we cheese her
And we never gon' slip up
Until we get the whole zip up, tip up, crib up, die
Until the sun rise up to the stars
County jails, bars, beats and brakes
And you know when the night fall...

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
Faith, uh
Violent shindig bloody dance floor
Violet Prince wig, what he stand for?
Kimi Räikkönen's Lotus position sit with the quickness
Like a twisted double shore, Isthmus
What is Christmas in the Cathouse?
Copious Santa-hatted hoes blown' they backs out
Fitting, meanwhile at the aftermath of the dance floor
Hitting, sitting like Kimi when he's pitting
With blood gently dripping it's something from Rudyard Kipling
Or Trevanian, Blowanotherainian
Characteristics caricatured into a ridiculous
Or some mad fit imagining the status of the bones that his fist hit
He'll die a little later
Or maybe later more wearing something from Aitor Throup
n*gga rich and waiter poor
Firefighter igniting the paper wall inside of the Players Ball
And gone

[Hook] x4

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