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Snoop Dogg

"Last Man Standing [Intro]"

[Intro: Snoop]
Through the agony of defeat... and the thrill of victory
Some fall, but only one remains standing
I'm the last man standing
I'm the last man standing

[Verse 1: Snoop]
Wait, I'm thinkin' of plottin'
Tryna get my life together
Cause if I don't get it right
I might lose my life
I'm seeing so many killed
My n*ggas get popped, then dropped
On the streets for nothin', don't stop
Can't stop, won't stop, never ever will
I'm tellin' y'all, I'm tired of my peoples gettin' killed
For real, what we gon' do to make it better
We gotsta say som', let's write a big letter
To the folks up top, politicians on a mission
Cause they wishin' but they stoppin'
And they really ain't doin' nothin' at all
And Doggy Dogg is upset
I'm the last man standing cause I'm a rap vet
Takin' bullets, duckin' bullets, dodgin' bullets
Tryna find a way to get out, don't pull it
Too quick and too fast, slow down
Cause ya might have to meet me at twelve, at the throwdown
The showdown, woah down
Uh nah, last man standing and I'm down for the cause
All in all, the last man standing

[Hook: Snoop]
Seem to be gettin' crazy everywhere
It's gettin' crazy outside
It's gettin' crazy inside
It's gettin' crazy everywhere
Even over there

[Verse 2: Snoop]
Now, n*ggas didn't think that gangbangin' would spread down to Little Rock Arkansas
But indeed, it don't stop like I told you from the gettin'
Gangbangin' is everywhere, it's in everybody's city
Can't hide it, can't cover it up
Can't put no rug on top of it cause you can't stop it
You love it, n*ggas love it, white boys love it too now
Cause you know, hey, to have a gun is the thang now
But you know, you gotsta wake up and realize
Cause if you don't, you'll push a heater and push yourself in the trunk
You ridin' up the block thinkin' you bad
Thinkin' you tough, n*gga I had enough
Stuck, so many n*ggas gettin' shot and popped and dropped
Stopped in their tracks, no comin' back
Face the truth, I'm the last man standing cause I know what I'm doin'
Takin' time and I'm planning

[Hook 2: Snoop]
I'm standing on my own two feet
Reachin' out to y'all cause I'm takin' y'all back to the streets
Where it all began
Standing on my own two feet and I'm the last man
Hmm, it's gettin' crazy everywhere, even in yo town
Thought gangbangin' was a West Coast thang, but you wrong
Gangbangin' is here to stay like motherf*ckin' songs

[Verse 3: Snoop]
Man, it's gettin' deeper
I got two baby boys and I can't play them brothers cheaper
Cause if I don't teach 'em or give 'em somethin' to grow on
They might not be able to go on
It's wrong, nah it's right to see me stand on the mic
And give you people somethin' meditate, and take ya life...
To the next stage, or the next page
Ya gotsta get yours, I mean get paid
But it ain't nothin' like bein' down for yourself, and down for that real
Stop tryna peel, n*ggas' caps, make snaps, make raps or do whatever you gotsta do
Just rock for you and you
And don't stop until ya gets what ya gotsta get
Until then, just keep rockin' this funky sh*t
Cause I'm the last man standing
Demanding your attention, I'm on a mission

[Outro: Snoop]
Last man standing
I'm the last man standing
I'm the last man standing
The last man standing
I wanna say peace to all my homeboys that rest in peace
All the fallen soldiers
I'm the last man standing
Keep it real out here for y'all
Ya know, they tryna knock me down
Someone gotta stay out here and do it
Ya feel me?
My n*gga Mark on the beat, last man standing

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