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Snoop Dogg

"Living the Life"

[Notorious B.I.G] + (Faith Evans)
To my motherf*ckin' man, fifty grand, the alcholic man
Inject a tall can in his blood stream if he can
Biggie Smalls, the pus*y stroker
Emcee provoker, the chocolate tah smoker (huh?)
I like to mack in Maximas and Acuras
Your girl butt cheeks, I'm smackin' (huh?)
The raw rapper, spot smacker
Wit the lil hooker on my lap-ah, you know your favorite macker
A shy n*gga, but I ain't ya f*ckin' comforter
And If I ever fall in love, I better f*ck it up
Ask the hooker, If I didn't jug her
She try to front, then I put the Chucky Booker on her
(Why you wanna...play games on me?)
b*tch, you crazy? Commitments, I'm Swayze
No time for the ill sh*t
Mess with the n*ggas on that real blood spill sh*t
My rappin' tactics, are drastic
Stretchin' motherf*ckers like Mr. Fantastic
So if you wanna see my Pedigree, you better be
Filled with energy, n*ggas never gettin' me

[Hook 2X: Bobby Valentino and Cheri Dennis] + (Ludacris ab-libbing)
Big cities and bright lights
Short days and long nights
No stress and no strife
I'm high off living the life

It's clear to see that I'm the motherf*ckin' man, I done learned from the
Best of em; Took the first slot, n*ggas still second guessin' em
Hoes, I'm undressin' em', foes, I'm not stresin' em'
Outlastin' a bunch of 'em , outflowed the rest of em'
Cuz everyday, I stay preachin' on the pulpit
So tell them haters they could miss me with that bullsh*t
But I won't miss, I'm Luda, the heat holder
I'm rich, b*tch! I've done more shows than Oprah
And I'm a soldier, ready for whatever
Roll with a bunch of n*ggas that don't know no better
King like Coretta, countin' mo' cheddar
Just hired two dykes to be my ho getters
When it comes to these women, dog, ain't no one f*ckin' wit me
They runnin' back, you think I had TJ Duckett wit me
That's cause I throw it like Vick, from the yard line
Menage a trois, it's safe to say I'm havin' hard times

[Hook] + (Ludacris ab-libbing)

[Snoop Dogg]
To my n*gga Chopper dot, with the whoopty-whop on the block
Got the heaters c*cked, cause I know the suckers on the block
Hennesey and Belve-D, brings a lot of jealousy
n*gga stop snitchin', nephew, why you tellin' me?
They say the game ain't what it use to be on (?)
Used to be a G, but now he just a ho
Runnin' 'round poitin' fingers, tellin' names
You f*ckin' up the rules to this dirty game, and it's a diry shame
I ain't flippin' out, that's probably why I'm dippin' out
Ya'll fools trippin' out, that why I'm on a different route
Now, makin' money, havin' clout, what's what it's all about
Twenty seven cars and a tweleve bedroom house
Now they call me Snoopy Trump
I keep my heater close, cause I love to bust
Now hat's a stain on a n*gga, I bang on a n*gga
Kick rocks and watch how I do my thang, young n*gga; I'm livin' the life!

[Hook] + (Snoop Dogg ab-libbing)

[Hook] - w/o ab-libs

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