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Snoop Dogg


G sh*t, LBC sh*t, remember how it used to be?
Mmm, you remember so much
No we didn't, see if you can remember this sh*t

(Verse 1)
1982 now what was I to do
All I wanna do is claim RTC
Cuz all of my homies from ICG
So we gon do this thang for tha LBC
Cuz we all one love and yeah this tha dub
On my eleven gettin slicker
Buyin liquor from a non-liquor store
Quick to di*k a ho and get tha big homie for a 64
He ain't gon miss it though
Cuz I'm too slick for him to notice it was gone
But I f*cked up and scraped his chrome
Now he's tryin to take my dome
Hangin out all in front of my home
Now I got to get some of my chrome on my own
Now it's really on
Cuz I'm a dome this n*gga and get him for his sh*t
Put tha switches on his riches
Now his b*tch is my b*tch
Ain't that a trip how I'm a crip
But I won't hesitate to test another rep
See thats the plan I was brainwashed not to know
But n*gga f*ck what you goin through this 2-0
And by tha time I'm 17 if I ain't in tha pen
I'm on a mission wit tha homeboys mashin again
Ridin, hoo-bangin like Mack 10
Back on tha streets again and strapped in
I'm lookin for tha n*ggas wit tha wrong fingas up
n*gga I don't give a f*ck, n*gga I don't give a f*ck em
Straight bang, bang, bang, bangin, bangin

Shoot em up, shoot em up bang bang
It's all fair in tha gang bang

I feel like livin it up
I mean will like livin it up, you know
Bang to tha boogie and boogie to tha bang
Tha sound of mi nina when she feel tha need to sang

(Verse 2)
I got a gang of b*tches who ride for me now
Not to mention tha homeboys locked down in tha p now
See now tha road get shaky but you can't break
Watch out for them hoodrats, snakes
Cuz E told me a little story that left me kinda hurt
The lil homie did too much dirt and got worked
Now he's on the run and dyin of thirst
Stayin at his girls spot on 21st
And when he gets snitched on that ain't tha worst
Cuz he might not make it to tha last verse
But meanwhile back in tha p now
Me and my n*ggas is representin LBC style
Straight hoo-bangin and slangin cigarettes
I shank ya baby brotha just to get a rep
We straight bangin

*Chorus x4

(Verse 3)
This is Dogg Pound for life
This is Dogg Pound for life, yeah right
What you join tha game for you lil busta
Now you wanna cross us out and disrespect us
Musta thought we was bustas or sumthin
I drop two n*ggas I don't need you n*ggas
Thats tha one thang I learned about tha gang bang
If you gon gang bang
Ya gots to be able to bang by yourself man
So whether you bangin for crip or blood
You better bang for sumthin young thug
Cuz you'll get banged on not by bangas
But by Johnny Law cuz they love to hang us (I hear ya)
I ride wit ya dogg if you can get me to tha border
My baby mama flipped out and dipped out wit my daughter
I oughta trip on that b*tch I oughta flip on that b*tch
I can't trip cuz she look like my daughter and sh*t
So I'm a load up my clip and go ridin high
And every police car that I see ridin by
I autograph their car wit my brand new lid
Drinkin to tha set and hope my dogg young have head
Throwin up DPG for L-I-F-E cuz thats all I see
Wit love for the LB

Chorus (w/ Snoop)

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